Hi, thanks for stopping by! 

My name Romans Ivanovs.

This is my blog, a place where I write articles and create content for you – a creative and entrepreneurial individual.  


Pure and hard facts only:

So far I lived in three countries and five cities.

English is my fourth language.

My background is in $sh*t loads of things.

There was a fun time in the Netherlands when I slept on a mattress in a kitchen of a studio apartment with a Ukrainian family for three months. 

I like sports cats.  Yes, please be so intelligent, msg me about this spelling mistake. 

I’m into stoic philosophy. 

I believe that sharing inspirational quotes on fb is the best time investment you can make in your 20′, 30′, 40′, 50′ and 60′. 


Now you’re free to read my stuff.

p.s. if you’re brave enough you can connect with me on fb or ig.