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I’m Romans Ivanovs. I write articles about entrepreneurship, practical psychology and personal development.

Let me introduce myself properly by sharing with you my story….


My Story…


Ok, I’m going to be honest with you.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with a generally naive mindset and little to no knowledge in business, sales, or marketing. 

My first entrepreneurial experiences were at the age of 16 when my friends and I promoted and organised music and events in my hometown. I remember sleepless nights of driving around, pinning banners on every single bus stop. As social media wasn’t big back then, we had to use other ways of attracting guests.

In 2008, I moved to The Netherlands with the intention of getting a degree in entertainment management but, instead, got into music production and djing. I also launched a series of business projects on the side, including an apparel merchandise business, where I sold my products from my backpack at music festivals. It was a lot of fun – until I eventually got caught by security!

During the course of living, working and experimenting with business ideas, I had found myself in a place where I was working tiring hours at several jobs to pay the bills and meeting one failure after another with my business projects. (Check out the list of my failed business projects and ideas I’ve ever launched, failed at, learned from and succeed at below). However, I had created some valuable friendships and discovered what I could be good at– helping people. I just didn’t know in which context and at what capacity.

After this realisation, I wanted to change things around so I sought help from a life coach. Just one session made such an impact on me that I instantly understood what medium I was going to use to achieve my goals. Not long after this, I enrolled in a six-month coaching programme in London with the goal of eventually building a business coaching practice.


Immersive experience


For this course, I literally quit everything and moved to the UK at the age of 24. I had a very clear goal in mind – to transform my life and build a successful business around helping people. Here I was, renting a very small room on the outskirts of London but feeling hyper-enthusiastic about the future!

Over the following two years, I spoke at more than 60 events, workshops, and talks on topics of leadership, personal development, high-performance mindset and entrepreneurship and coached and mentored over 50 individuals and startups, helping them create effective strategies for personal and business growth.

I immersed myself in the environment of industry-leading mentors and high-performing individuals who helped me step up my profession as a coach and entrepreneur. To say that I learned a lot during this time is an understatement – from coaching people on a park bench for free to working with successful individuals and making a living out of it. That was transformative in itself.




Topics you can expect here to learn about:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Personal Development
  • Personal and Professional Actualisation
  • Practical Psychology




List of businesses, projects, ideas I have ever launched, failed at and learned from:

  • Party promotion/organisation (for free) – not sustainable
  • Apparel merchandise (RPR Merch) – didn’t know how to sell
  • Logo design (freelance) – didn’t have enough patience
  • Antiques buy to sell – was too risky financially
  • Business plan writing (freelance) – didn’t know how to sell
  • Music production and djing (alias: Rick Lorance) – didn’t have enough patience, gave up after 2 years of trial and error
  • Business networking events – did it for fun but couldn’t find a sustainable business model
  • Augmented reality tours (Businessview ltd) – gave up after cold calling


Businesses and careers I successfully monetised (gross numbers):

  • Life coaching (Roman Ivanov Coaching ltd) £20k/year
  • Business coaching (Roman Ivanov Coaching ltd) £20k/year
  • Retreats (Roman Ivanov Coaching ltd) – £7k
  • Travel operator – (Travel in Vision ltd) – £70k/year, co-founder
  • Professional sales and negotiation (The Leadership Network ltd) – £100k/year *full time job; the revenue I brought in; my salary and bonuses were around £35k