4 Ways to Start Working For Yourself

From my experience of running businesses, and observing others doing the same, I can certainly say that working for yourself is on the most rewarding, yet challenging things you can ever do.

The benefits that come with being your own boss are limitless. The independence and freedom to make your own decisions, the personal fulfilment, the flexibility to choose your own working hours, personal growth, the financial rewards – the list goes on.

But building a business or going freelance is not for everyone. With these advantages come  responsibilities, pressure and more often than not, long hours of working alone.

At the end of the day, being an entrepreneur is a life-long learning journey. If you’re brave enough to make your first step, I would like to share four simple ways you can start being your own boss today.


1. Learn to monetise your skill set

You have some value to offer. Period.

Think about all of your experiences, the jobs you have had, the projects you worked on, and the people you helped. List all of them and then think about what skills you’ve developed which you are confident about.

Many successful business owners started as a freelancer and offering their skills properly packaged and marketed. There are thousands of online platforms from which you can learn how to monetise your skill set, as well as connect with other like-minded people who strive to achieve similar goals.

A factory worker

The time I first started freelancing I had very little skills in any subject so I choose to follow my interest in design. I learned how to work in Photoshop CS2 and started creating logo sketches and submitting them to various online platforms. I then began receiving requests from various companies to create customised logo designs.

Think about what you are good at or what you could be good at and roll with it.


2. Follow your interest or passion

One of the ways to start working for yourself is to figure out what your natural interests are. I know many friends who have worked as managers, hospitality assistants, or salespeople who weren’t satisfied with their vocation. I saw them transforming their lives by building entire businesses around their true passions and interests. They now perceive their work as fun and almost never get bored or tired.

Building a business around your deepest motivations, passions, or interests can put you in a position that other can’t replicate. It’s unique and only you decide how much you are worth.

If you’re the type of person who really values satisfaction and self-fulfilment then reflecting on your hobbies or interests could be the way to go.Ask yourself this question: if I had a £1m in my bank account now (after travelling all around the world, buying properties, Lambos and Porsches) what would I do?


3. Create a partnership

Sometimes, the best way to start working for yourself is to start with someone else. When two or more people collaborate to accomplish a business goal,you multiply your resources and ability to reach your target market.

When I co-founded a travel operator, my business partner and I were clear on why our idea could work. ne of the reasons was that we had strengths and weaknesses which complimented each other.

I am a people person, I know how to sell and nd my constant desire to automate everything allows me get things done efficiently and focus on the big picture. My partner was  extremely good at organisation and logistics and knew how to create a great customer experience.

Of course, arguments and disagreements are almost inevitable in any partnership but the reward is much greater. You get to hear your partner’s perspective which can help you break free of your old ways of thinking and doing things.

My tip for finding the right partner is to start thinking about it like a marriage. Start with understanding each other’s values, visions  and personal goals. Think long-term.


4. Go digital

Have you ever imagined yourself being geographically independent? Do you like technology? Do you also like people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might consider an online business as the way to work for yourself.

In this day and age, the digitalisation of businesses, products, and services is inevitable. And if you look closely, the most successful companies are online and technologically advanced.

There are multiple benefits of working for yourself or running a business online.

Holding a mobile phone

First and foremost, there are usually low overheads. To be able to do things like blogging, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, consulting, and creating online courses, you don’t need to rent an office space or storage, storage, own assets, seek investment, or anything else usually associated with physical business development. Of course, you still need to know how to sell and market online. But let’s leave it this topic for another blog post.

Secondly, you have easy access to the worldwide market. You can reach customers in almost any country, 24/7.

Finally, you have the freedom to decide where and how you will work for yourself. With this comes the responsibility to manage your time effectively. Personally, this gives me even more motivation to create a life on my terms.



I believe that every one of us is here to actualise our potential. Entrepreneurship is one of the many ways we can do this. As you may recognise, there are multiple ways you can start working for yourself. But it all comes down to your ultimate goals – what do you want to create in your life? Don’t just spit out the answer. Take a piece of paper and visualise the life you really want to live. Then you will become more clear about how you can get there.


Go do smth

Learned new things? Don’t just skip to another article so you can feel a bit better about yourself.

Take a journal or a piece of paper and find a quiet space. Put on some good music and imagine the life you ultimately want to experience. Take one regular day in your dream life and describe it in small detail. Where would you live? What would you do? With whom would you wake up? And so on.

Next, time go and research various ways of starting a business or becoming a freelancer.

Answer questions such as: What am I good at? What skills do I have? What are my interests? Do I know anyone who also wants to achieve similar goals in life?

Be brave.

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